Awesomeness of Bagpipes


So my dad used to tell me a story about how McGuire’s Irish pub had a protester for awhile. I think he was protesting drunk people or something. My dad is a little fuzzy on the details, and there’s a reason for that. Anyway, McGuire’s put up a sign with the guy’s phone number and home address, and it explained why he was yelling stuff through a megaphone at everyone, but there wasn’t much else they could do. Then somebody got the great idea that they could have a bagpiper stand outside (this is Gulf Coast Florida, after all. The weather’s going to cooperate with a guy in a kilt most of the year) and play music right over the guy yelling.Worked like a charm. You can’t hear much over bagpipes. My dad says the piper’s name was Sam, and he took requests and everything. My dad’s ex-Navy, so, of course, he had Sam play Anchors Aweigh. He still laughs about it, and I think this was a decade ago.That’s my dad, always talking about how cool he was. I’ve been hearing this story since I was small. At least it got me hooked on bagpipes.

I wonder what other problems we could solve with a bagpiper.

First of all, have you ever heard them inflating and tuning? Think of a beautiful song. Then imagine that song being murdered. That’s the sound of someone prepping bagpipes.Take a listen.  I think we could use that noise to our advantage as some sort of sound weapon. Like the alarm for sheltering-in-place. I really do love the idea of having a bagpiper follow me around who just plays music at anyone saying stuff I don’t want to hear, though. That would be great. Whenever my boyfriend tries to fight with me, I’d get the piper to play something right over whatever stupid thing was coming out of his mouth. It would prevent a LOT of arguments. I’m just saying. Although I do love bagpipes, so I might take anything as an excuse.

Did you know that bagpipes are an incredibly versatile instrument? No, really, they aren’t just for St. Patrick’s Day parades or for playing Amazing Graceat funerals(although, in my humble opinion, playing that song on the bagpipes before international conflict resolution meetings would make the world a better place.)There’s even a Wikipedia page about the awesome use of bagpipes in many types of music.My personal favorite is in Gaelic music or in rock music because I think it can have that tough edge to it. I don’t really listen to jazz, so I can’t vouch for pipes adding anything there. But it fits right in with classical music, too. There’s even a band called Pipapelli, out of North Carolina, who use the bagpipes instead of a guitar. It’s a unique, unusually cool, and very interesting sound!

Anyway, I hope this gave you a little more insight into one of my very favorite instruments, the bagpipes!