The Perfect Gift

What do you give to the person who has everything for a birthday or holiday gift? What do you give your father, for that matter, when you see him in a childish light? No matter how old you are, he is daddy and you are his little girl. Does that ever change? Maybe when you are 65, and maybe not! Gifts usually reflect that initial and innate relationship. As a kid, you make drawings or ceramic horses. As a teen, you think of food or a ticket to his favorite team game. As a young adult, you sit and think awhile to come up with an answer. It is surely not a tie. It is surely not a book. You ponder long and hard.

After contemplation and some soul-searching, I finally arrived at a possibility on one recent occasion. It seemed just right. I would give my father a personalized set of pint glasses and a cocktail set for his birthday. So let’s jump back a bit and see why. There was a clear reasoning behind my decision. My dad has a rec room, or man cave as people now call them. It is his space to use to invite friends – mostly other fathers in the neighborhood for a ball game or round of poker. He loves his room and uses it every weekend. I can’t imagine him relaxing anywhere else at night.

He had always served beverages for so many years in his special realm until one summer he built a wine bar/wet bar combination. Wow. It added a touch of real class to the place. All of a sudden everyone was collecting wine by the case and talking about domestic wineries. Then they jumped to ale and started talking about pints. There were many foreign brands to taste and explore. The wine fridge now had a cousin – a nice little beer fridge sitting next to it to hold all the brands. They were glass and chrome repositories of fun. Cocktails soon followed, but these were for friends of both him and my mom. In short, he had the setup but not all the details.

I knew what was missing and made it my mission to find it. The items I bought would fit nicely on the upper shelves and counter. They would be a kind of display, but mostly a reminder of me away from home, but still thinking of him. That is what I had hoped deep in my heart. I wanted something practical that he would use, and I struck the right cord.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift, give it some reflection. As you become older, your selection becomes more personalized. You don’t opt for the easy way out and get something generic. You think about the person in their daily life. I love to hear how much dad likes his present and how much he uses the glasses and the cocktail set. I know I can add new items to his wet bar as the years go by.