Home Depot with Dad

Needing more moose is kind of a secret code word for fun, silly, and whimsical things that spice up one’s life and make you look on the brighter side of things. It’s kind of like seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. We should all be that positive. It comes from a tradition in a local waterhole, McGuire’s Irish Pub; and I try to apply this principle to my life. It means I don’t sweat the small things and get overwrought about nothing. Take the fact that my dad smokes and it drives me crazy but he seems to be a bit in denial and won’t do anything about it. It is affecting his health as seen in some rather labored breathing. Since he won’t stop, I had to get creative and think of something that would alleviate his symptoms at home. This is how I discovered an air purifier for cigarette smoke. It also grabs allergens, pollen, odors, bacteria, germs, spores, etc. from the air, but I want it for a very specific reason. It is designed for the express purpose of cleaning the air and thus should help my dad breathe easier.

So I took dad for a visit to the Home Depot to pick out an air purifier of his choice; and there are lots of them. This is my version of more moose to solve a problem, and it worked. He didn’t want to hook one up to the HVAC system, just an easy, lightweight portable that he could put in the bedroom at night while he was sleeping. Above all, he wanted a quiet model so it wouldn’t keep him awake. He also wanted a good filtering system and as such, he wouldn’t mind changing them from time to time. The fancy air purifier we both liked warns you just when it is time to clean the machine and replace the filter. So high tech! He liked that aspect a lot and checked all the parts over and over trying to detect their operation. He is a bit of a tinkering type after all.

He also wanted to be sure the unit we selected did not emit any ozone which in any amount is not good for humans. I don’t know why they do, but it makes the appliance more effective and efficient. But no, this was out. A safe HEPA filter was the option of choice. They have a good reputation and are particularly good at filtering tobacco smoke. It is so nice to have a house that doesn’t reek and give his nasty habit away. An air filter should have been part of his life years ago, but he make all kinds of excuses. He said he only smoked outside, which was a bald-faced lie. Loads of smoke got in through open doors and windows, so it was of no help.

Meanwhile, I am happy to report that my dad enjoys clean air so much that he is breathing better and is even motivated to limit his smoking so as to avoid despoiling the air indoors since it is no nice and fresh. Once you have a taste of the good air, there is no going back.