Practically a Dream Job

I live in a dream part of Florida so why shouldn’t I expect a dream job. It won’t be at Disneyland since it is too far away and I am not one to commute long distances. I won’t move and leave my favorite bar behind, McGuire’s Irish Pub. They have an insane tradition of kissing a moose mounted on the wall—an ever so silly practice but everyone does it. As I always say in my blogs, we need more moose in this world, more fun and games to perk us up. Maybe after I graduate from college in about a year I will change my tune about jobs and relocation. For now, I am staying put.

I also like music (particularly Celtic) and enjoy frequent concerts and shows. There is a music festival every year nearby and you can bet on it that I will be attending. I am going to apply for any temp job so I can enjoy the atmosphere for the entire duration of the event. I looked and looked and finally turned up a job with a company that makes some of the best inflatable water slides on the market. It will be hot weather so these should be popular with the kids. They will be in high demand and I expect even to see adults partaking.

It turned out to be a great choice. It was great fun watching the kids frolicking about in the water as they descended into the huge pool. I mostly was tuned in, however, to the bands who were playing all night. There was quite a variety of music—something for every taste. The venue got crowded but no one minded. They were all just happy to be there. The kids seemed even happier when they reached the front of the water slide line. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to work the festival. Please let me come back every year, but in a few years who knows where I will be. Hopefully, wherever it is, Florida or not, there will be a regional music festival like this one.

To me these music festivals provide more moose and plenty of fun and excitement. You get to discover new bands some of whom will be tops on the Billboard charts soon enough. You can watch their progress on the Internet, so I pick a few favorites. I was there so long at the festival that I got to know some band members. We were getting punchy at one point, and one musician/singer joined me on the water slide. It was hilarious to see us all wet. In the heat, we dried off in minutes. We took several turns before we agreed to stop and have a beer. So on this job, not only did I make money, watch the kids play, and hear great music, but I met a great guy. I never expected so much from a temporary job at a music festival. What a night.