Ditchin’ the Books

Remember me. I say, “We need more mouse.” This refers to the moose in the Irish pub nearby called McGuire’s. Every newbie has to kiss it. Yes, you heard me right. It is my favorite spot to relax and play and meet friends and colleagues from school. It happens to be located in the great besieged-by-hurricanes state of Florida near the Gulf Coast. You are now all familiar with our situation, but we Floridians bounce back fast. Here I am with a new blog. Life goes on and I am still in college. I still love Celtic music which is popular, as you can imagine, at the pub. I am studying diligently so I can graduate on time. It can be a chore and an effort, but I love it nonetheless. It is an important period in your life and you want to take advantage of what you are learning and the great people you meet.

Rarely, I ditch the books to have some fun and take a break. Occasionally in the nice weather, or even when it cools off, I love to hang out in the hot tub in the backyard of a good friend. She once told me she bought it on a whim after browsing a web site called https://www.hottesttubs.com/.When there are a few of us drinking wine or beer, and listing to our favorite music, this form of recreation is beyond compare. Think of nice heated water swirling around your tired body, reviving you with its liquid warmth. You are chatting with your buddies and gossiping about your professors. There is always something in the wind to discuss. Sometimes you daydream and plan your future. You all speculate about possible jobs and cities where you may live. If you are particularly mature, you might envisioned being married and having a batch of kids.

Whenever I get an invite to join the group in the hot tub, I respond instantly. I get out the cookie mix and whip up something to take along. My soft terry towel is in the dryer and I grab a swimsuit and shorts. Large hot tubs are the best for several people and if they have a Jacuzzi jet, you are in heaven. As young as we are, we do get our aches and pains. We play sports, clean house, jog and workout. Sometimes it is too much. While there is a hot tub at the gym, I prefer being with friends for a rip roaring good time.

It is a close second to being on a stool at the bar in the pub. My friends let me blast my Celtic music in between their own particular choices. They have all learned to love it as much as I do. When it is quiet, I almost fall asleep in the enveloping water. It is like a soothing, moving blanket that wraps you in its buoyant arms. There are times when no one talks or makes a move. We know we are ready for bed and our time is over until the next meeting.